What can you expect to find here?

I have been blogging weekly since October 2020 on a variety of topics, mainly centred around university life. My blogs are short and accessible too.

I also have a #studygram account @tibbotttalks_study which I use to promote my blogs and share my experience of being a graduate, you can find the link on my homepage and see a sample of posts below my blog feed.


Friday Special: PhD Q&A

I’ve had quite a few messages on Instagram asking how my PhD is going, so I thought I’d do a round-up and answer some questions. I also...

Friday Special: My 2022 Resolutions

I’m not usually one to make solid resolutions, but I thought it would be fun to set some targets for my personal growth over the next year..

Friday Special: Blogging Q&A

Welcome to another Friday post! I did a Q&A about university a few months ago, and felt it was time for another one...

Friday Special: Student Safety

I wanted to write a more serious post about how to keep yourself safe on campus and in the surrounding community whilst you’re navigating...

Friday Special: My Mental Health Update

This past year has been difficult for everyone, and it's only now that I've found myself in a headspace where I feel able to talk...

Friday Special: University Q&A

A few weeks ago, I asked on Instagram and Twitter for questions surrounding my university experience, so read on for my answers!