What can you expect to find here?

I have been blogging weekly since October 2020 on a variety of topics, mainly centred around university life. My blogs are short and accessible too.

I also have a #studygram account @tibbotttalks_study which I use to promote my blogs and share my experience of being a graduate, you can find the link on my homepage and see a sample of posts below my blog feed.


Motivation Tips for Exams

This semester I’ve written a trilogy of blogs concerning motivation, this being the last! By the time I publish this...

How to Choose Your Optional Modules

I was overwhelmed with the choice during my first year, so I’ve created a guide on how to pick, taking into account your interests...

Was it Worth it? My History MA

As of yesterday, I'm no longer a student, which feels strangely anti-climactic to say the least.